Welcome to Spin Off, a spin off from my Twitter feed where the spin is always turned off! Well, almost always…

This was me at my desk, just before I remembered how to smile.

DP avatar

On my way to the Theatre of Dreams the other day I was delighted and surprised to find that the other Old Trafford is also promoting my blog site (bottom right hand corner!)


I entered the Twittersphere a couple of years ago in an attempt to do something positive for Lent, to start something, rather than give it up. Hence the handle: DP40days. Then a year later I spun off this spin off because some things just needed more than 140 characters to say. Well, now my blog has split into two.

The FE Blog is where you’ll find most of what I write, because most of what I write about is FE, further education, where I have worked for long enough to usually know what I’m talking about.

The Journey Blog is, strangely, about a journey. The Journey took me by train from Manchester to Vladivostok, and then by ferry to Japan. I did also visit Australia and New Zealand, but that was a holiday, not an adventure!

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