0. Under Construction: Summer 2015

The Under Construction blog on my Trans-Siberian Journey has now been constructed. The actual journey overland by train from Manchester to Vladivostok and then by boat to Japan has been completed, as have the blogs.

The actual travel blogs are numbered 4-17 in this Journey Blog section of my website. Blogs 1-3 are the prequels describing why and how I planned the journey, with a further detour into my attic to reminisce over some of the long-lost vinyl I found there before I set off.

The image below was the teaser Test Card I left while I got things ready. Seems a shame to delete it quite yet. Enjoy!



About dp40days

A senior leader in Further and Higher Education, now based in Moray (pronounced "Murray") on the coast of the Scottish Highlands. (I know, I love paradox). We have more sunshine and less rain each year than my previous home in Manchester, and about fifty more distilleries too! You can find me on Twitter as @DP40days. Blogs so far have been mainly about work and travel but frankly, I've been a bit quiet recently. Maybe that's about to change...
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